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Facebook Marketing – Part 2: How To Make It Work

Last time, we talked about how to set up Facebook for your business. Now we’re back to show you how to make Facebook advertising work.

When it’s done right, advertising accelerates your business.

Once you’ve set up your Facebook Business page and are familiar with Page Insights and Audience Insights, you’re ready to set up your first campaign.

And there is one thing to do before getting carried away with pretty pictures and killer ad copy.

Get this wrong and it will sink your campaign and waste your money.

What’s your customer worth?

Setting a budget is vital – but how much is too much? How much is too little?

That’s where Power2 comes in.

We run the numbers with you to identify how much each customer is worth to your business. Knowing that figure means you can make an informed decision on how much is the right amount to spend.

When it comes to Facebook, that information is gold.

Set your budget

Power2 looks at how to make Facebook advertising work for your businessFacebook advertising is not like other forms of advertising where you buy the space and your ad runs for a set time.

Like Google, Facebook runs on an auction system where the price you pay depends on three variables:

  • Your bid amount;
  • How likely Facebook thinks someone will ‘take a nibble’ on your ad; and
  • The quality of the ad.

Test and Measure

Your Facebook advertising works exactly the same way as fishing – throw out a line and try different types of bait.

Be prepared to switch your ad up regularly to find that sweet spot where you’re getting good results, without spending a fortune.

The advertising gurus call that ‘test and measure’.

Stuff you can do for free

There’s no point having a brilliant ad that drives people to your Facebook page or web site and they find nothing of interest.

Commit to a regular update schedule for your page and your web site. Facebook lets you schedule multiple posts in one go, so you don’t have to sit in front of that bloody screen all the time. Clever web sites will also let you schedule blog posts.

It costs nothing except a little bit of time and something interesting to say.

And now you’ve used Facebook’s tools to find out more about your target audience, start finding community groups they’re likely to be interested in – buy, swap sell pages, community pages, mothers groups, car groups – and more.

People are always looking for recommendations and new businesses. Be ready to engage when they do.

But, be warned. You can get banned for direct promotion posts on many groups. If you decide to play in that sand pit, make sure you’re there to add value to the conversation – sell your expertise, not your wares – unless you’re invited.

Make no mistake with Facebook advertising, doing it right can pay off.

But don’t expect to be one of those overnight “success stories” you see digital marketing firms pitch with the inspirational story and million-dollar revenue.

Give it some thought. Find a way this platform can add value to your business then run with it.

Having Power2 on your side will give you peace of mind that you aren’t spending more than you can afford; that the ROI is there, and you are using your time and resources effectively.

We’re here to look after the finance and administration of your business so you can get on with doing what you’re best at.

Power2 to your business,