Business Start Up

Guidance for when you want to begin or buy a business

We understand that going into business for yourself can be daunting. But it can also be well worth the challenge. You can ditch the boss, dictate the hours you work, and, most importantly, invest in yourself and your ideas.

At Power2, we’re here to support your new journey by sharing sound financial knowledge and strategies to protect your best interests. We can show you how to self test your business idea using financial forecasting and other data tools. From there, we can guide you from a full financial, accounting and business tax advisory perspective.

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Know your responsibilities as a business owner

Becoming a business owner can be a very exciting and liberating experience. However, it is also an incredibly busy phase where you will need to handle a lot of time-intensive obligations. There are many new and complex responsibilities, including financial, legal and ethical duties and those that cross over more than one category. 

We are able to keep you on top of the financial due diligence associated with these facets of business ownership and more:

  • Business structure and registrations
  • Employing staff
  • Selling goods and services
  • Contracts
  • Buying and leasing premises

Get the right structure from the start

Getting the right business structure from the start will go a long way to minimise your financial, operational and legal risk. Your business structure affects any number of things, including your tax obligations, asset protection, legal costs and even your customers/clientele. 

Business structure is tied to status and credibility, and the right business structure will instill a sense of confidence in your suppliers and customers. We can help you understand what structure is appropriate for your needs/projected scope and can consider both onshore and offshore commercial environments. This ensures that you’re set up properly from the very beginning. 

The four most common types of business structures used in Australia are:

  1. Sole trader
  2. Partnership
  3. Company
  4. Trust


Strategy to help minimise your financial risk
Build the appropriate business structure both onshore and offshore
Assistance with recruiting key personnel in the finance department
Assistance in creating successful applications for a wide variety of transactions, including working capital requirements and property and business finance