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Stop Kidding Yourself About Facebook – Part 1

Having a Facebook account doesn’t mean you know how to market your business.

In fact, I guarantee it.

Marketing is more important than ever in this internet-connected world. People are bombarded every single day by adverts and posts for businesses that some Facebook algorithm decided they need to see – and it might not be your business.

The good news is you can compete with the big boys with their big budgets and big teams of content creators. You just have to be smarter.

This is the first of a series on what Facebook can, and can’t, do for your business.

What’s difference between a personal account and a business page?

Your wife has signed you up to Facebook because she says it’s a great way to keep in touch with the kids and that old mate from school you vaguely recall last seeing at some second cousin’s wedding. But how do you do business with it?

The quick answer is, you don’t.

Firstly, your family and friends are going to get sick of you spruiking your wares all the time.

Secondly, Facebook takes a dim view using a personal page for business and can actually ban you for violating their terms of service.

Of course, Facebook wants you to spend some of your hard-earned money and has created Facebook Business Pages where you can sell your services to your heart’s content.

But you do need to have a personal account in order to create a Business Page. You can learn how to do this here.

What’s so good about a Facebook Business Page?

Power2 gives business owners a primer on how Facebook works for business.
Power2 gives business owners a primer on how Facebook works for business.

It’s the thing which gets business people up and out of bed in the morning: data. Lots of lovely data.

There are two major sources of data:

Page Insights shows you how your page is performing:

  • Page Likes: Total and new likes for your Page
  • Post Reach: Total number of unique people who were shown your Page and posts
  • Engagement: Total number of unique people who engaged with your Page, as well as different engagement types

Audience Insights uses how people interact on Facebook to tell you what their interests and hobbies are to help you build up a profile of your potential customers.

  • Demographics overview: age and gender breakdowns, education levels, job titles, relationship statuses and more.
  • Find out what people like: Learn about people’s interests and hobbies.
  • Learn about lifestyles: Audience Insights combines relationship status and location to tell you about the types of people interested in your business.

Sure, it sounds a bit creepy, but that’s marketing for you. Successful business is based on knowing your clients as well as they know themselves and sharing information they need and want.

The good news is Facebook gives you all this information for free.

The bad news is nothing in life is free – we’ll check that out in part 2 next week – Advertising on Facebook That Won’t Send You Broke.

Power2 is on your side to help keep the fire alive, and your business on the right track.

We’re here to look after the finance and administration of your business so you can get on with doing what you’re best at.

Power2 to your business,