Business Exit/Sell

Why get help to sell your business?

The process of selling your business can be incredibly complex. When you engage the services of Power2, you know everything will be done down to the letter. This applies to your financial, accounting, taxation and other business obligations.

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A weight of your shoulders

It’s natural that you might experience some mixed feelings when you want to sell your business. However, moving on can be a wise decision. This can be due to any number of factors such as retirement, health/wellbeing  or simply making space for other ventures. We can assist with the sale of your business, which includes acting on behalf of the seller (you) if you are required to engage with the buyer. 

It may well take a weight off your shoulders to know you can rely on our expert team to help manage the financial/administrative process involved in selling a commercial enterprise. This includes:

  • Helping you prepare for the business sale
  • Assistance with valuations
  • Creating a business profile, including formatting your financial history, bank accounts etc.
  • Managing other important elements, such as succession planning

Tie up all your loose ends

In helping you with a business exit, we will always act according to our due diligence and for your ultimate financial benefit. Sometimes, it’s the seemingly small things that can make all the difference (like knowing you are required to notify the Australian Business Register within 28 days of ceasing business and cancel all your applicable registrations).

These registrations may include: 

  • Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) withholding
  • Australian business number (ABN)
  • Goods and services tax
  • Other registrations, such as fuel tax credits and luxury car tax

We can manage the cancellation of all existing registrations  — even the ones you may have forgotten even existed. You can also leave us to take care of your final tax returns and advise you in relation to Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Capital Gains Tax (CGT). We will track down exemptions and apply concessions where applicable to save you as much as we possibly can.


Exit strategies
Help with closing registrations and final tax lodgements
Advice concerning Goods and Services Tax (GST), including exemptions where possible
Advice concerning Capital Gains Tax (CGT), particularly in utilising available concessions