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University VS Trades

In this day and age there is a stigma around the notion that everyone has to go to Uni to get the best career. However, the reality is that not everyone is going to end up becoming a doctor.  I mean sure, the world needs lawyers and doctors. But tradies are needed just as much (and if you work hard, can earn just as much).

Pressuring your child to go to university to study something they are not interested in is going to leave them in a lot of debt for a career that they may not stick with and more importantly, may not enjoy. During this phase of life, your children will be looking to you for guidance so make sure you are offering informed advice.

3 Benefits of Becoming a “Tradie” that many don’t realise.

Earn while you learn
Forget eating 2 minute noodles and drinking “whatever the cheapest alcohol is with the highest percentage”. As an apprentice you earn while you learn. You are being payed to gain your qualification whether it be a sparkie, a brickie or a chippie. That seems like a much better deal than paying tens of thousands of dollars to gain a university degree. Often graduated with little to no working experience. Hmm… I think we will choose craft beer and gourmet burgers.

Work hard, play harder
As an apprentice, once your work day is over, you are off the clock. No hours spend staying up late cramming in last minute study. You get payed for what you do. Yes, your work days can be long and hard but your weekends are for boating, camping and fishing. All of the good stuff!

Become a high roller
Most people think that university degrees get you a higher payed job compared to the wage of a tradie. In Australia the average hourly rate charged by plumbers is $85.57. electricians are not far behind this charging an average of $77.59 per hour. To top of these high wages, no university debt needs to be deducted. Even better!

So, if your kids are deciding what to do with their future, don’t jump straight to the conclusion that they NEED to go to university. If they are okay with a bit of manual labour, they could be making some very large $$$ in the future.

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