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North-West Queensland Floods 2019- Power2 the Community

The recent floods in Queensland has led to Farmers losing their entire herds of cattle within a matter of days. Australian farmers have been struggling to keep their animals alive for many years due to drought and now they have found their animals dead due to drowning or freezing. Many farmers cannot find their animals at all. This is taking a massive toll on their livelihood.

Many farmers have lost 100% of their cattle. Queensland as a whole are expected to lose 500,000 cattle due to these floods. Each cow is typically sold at $1000 causing an estimate loss of $500 million.

The devastation and the effects caused by the floods is expected to affect the farmers for decades.

How is Power2 helping?

At 5am 07/03/19  I took a crew of three young blokes to Julia Creek near Cloncurry in far Western Queensland to help a family badly affected by the recent floods.

We are going to help Ron and Kylie Cook who  have lost hundreds of cattle this week as massive amounts of fences were destroyed and need to be rebuilt.

Power2 are going to rebuild some of those fences. I am collecting my own fencing gear from my property near Longreach and taking it up there.

We will be spending 7 days working on the property in the hope to assist the rebuild of the farm. There will be swags, lots of flies, hot days and a lot of hard work and emotion.

How can you help?

Australians are encouraged to buy Australian products. Use your consumer power and insist on buying local produce. You can donate clothing as well as other goods or make a financial donation.

Where you can donate goods and services:

Where you can donate money:

By working together as a community, we can all assist in rebuilding the lives and farms affected by the Queensland floods.