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How businesses should approach their numbers

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Without money flowing through your business, your business wouldn’t exist.  Therefore, the finance and accounting area of your business requires a large amount of attention. Accounting requires expertise, and as much as we like to think we are experts across all industries, the reality is that not all business owners are savvy in the accounting field.

The strengths and weaknesses of your business can be told through numbers. It allows you to make more informative business decisions that will help your business grow. However, some businesses see positive numbers and think they are good to go. They then don’t see any reason to look any further into it.

But think of it this way. What if most of the revenue in your business is coming from one customer? Suddenly this customer decides to sell their business or close down? Do you have a back-up plan? Suddenly you have lost 70% of your revenue, how are you going to pay the bills now?

So, what can you do to approach your numbers in a more strategic way?

Focus on sales

Let’s be honest here, money often does buy happiness. The same amount of time that goes into planning your businesses vision, building rapport with customers and promoting your business should go into developing your sales plan. This can be anything from following up on leads, networking, flyer drops, cold calling, you name it! keeping track of where your sales are coming from is important so you can focus more time and energy into what is working best for your business. Without sales there is no money.

Take notice of your numbers

The numbers in your books tell the true picture of your business. Your accounting books reflect your success and assist you in seeing the areas for improvement in your business. Without analysing the numbers, you won’t have the information to grow and improve your business.

Engage an expert

All successful businesses have advisors who assist them to prepare and execute their business goals. Unfortunately, all business owners are not accounting experts and don’t have the knowledge to analyse their numbers. The good news is its 2019, you can automate bookkeeping processes with accounting software. You can then engage an accountant to review the numbers with you and give you advice as to how you can improve them. To find out what accounting software is the best fit for your business, click here.

When you first start your business, whether it’s to have the freedom of being your own boss or you have a hobby that you want to turn into a career, making revenue always needs to be at the forefront of your mind if you want your business to succeed.

At Power2 we have assisted many business owners in achieving their business goals and then continue to leverage that success and turn it into a thriving business. If you’re ready to learn the tips and tricks to make your business thrive, click here to contact Power2 today.

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