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Gift Giving that Won’t Break the Bank

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Before you head over to Westfield and end up lay buying a $800 watch for your girlfriend that you know you well and truly can’t afford here are some tips!

Not everything has to cost money

Think of it this way, what would mean more to you?

A) Your friend messaging you on Facebook to wish you a happy birthday apologizing for not being able to make your birthday dinner and sending you a bottle of alcohol.
B) Them coming to the dinner, having a great chat up and celebrating with you?

Unless the bottle of alcohol in option A is Penfolds Grange I’m sure most of you went with option B?

As corny as it sounds remember that your presence is always worth more than your presents.

Make a list

This tip comes in extra handy at Christmas time when you have multiple people to buy for.

Create a list of all the people you need to buy gifts for, whether it is Christmas, Easter or you just have multiple birthday’s coming up.

Having a list of the presents that you need to buy will ensure you don’t overdo it as well as ensuring you won’t forget anything.

Make a budget! And stick to it!

If you’re like me, you end up in Myer or an expensive jewellery shop looking at the most extravagant gifts that you know your partner will love. Suddenly you’re signing up to a payment plan, swiping your card and walking out of the store with a $500 hole in your pocket. I mean, you know they will love the gift…but it is way out of your budget.

You know your loved one would have been well and truly just as grateful with a gift for one 10th of the price.

Set a budget before you leave the house and don’t settle until you have found a gift that matches your budget. It can be so satisfying getting a great bargain that is budget friendly and you know they will love!

Shop in the sale season

If your parents’ birthday is in February be prepared and shop in the boxing day sales. You can get them something extra special without the big price tag!

If you want to be EXTRA prepared, buying Christmas gift packs such as cologne or pajamas etc. can score you a large discount. Not to mention how prepared you will feel when Christmas comes around the following year.

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