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Who is Power2 Brisbane?

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Power2 is an integrated accounting and financial advice business.  The business has been in Slacks Creek, Brisbane for over 30 years and since 2015 has had a second office in Caboolture. We have and continue to help over 800 small to medium business people with anything from buying, selling or growing a business, financial planning and reporting to strategic tax advice and compliance. Power 2 also helps salary earners and self-managed super fund investors with tax return preparation, insurance and investment advice.

Power2 Brisbane specialises in accounting, tax, financial and business planning, and self-managed superannuation fund administration. Our professional team of accountants and financial planners work together, each looking at your finances from a difference perspective, to give you a holistic approach. Our core goal is to help you to make good financial decisions every day.

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Small Business

We provide business advice, accounting and tax and financial planning services for small to medium local businesses. We can provide services for all stages, changes and decision. From accounting, taxation, cash flow, banking and finance advice: Power2 Brisbane can help your business succeed.


We aim to provide high-quality personal accounting and tax advice to individual clients. We also offer individual financial planning and advice as well as retirement, estate planning, taxation and more. Our unrestricted also allows us to put your interests at the heart of our advice.


We can tell you in simple, easy to understand terms what strategy is fight for you and how much money you will save. Making the most of your Super.

The Faces Behind the Name

Andrew Poots

Occasionally you come across someone who works in a field to which they are well suited on many levels. Someone who has always been comfortable in their skin in their chosen field. Jonathan Thurston comes to mind alongside Quentin Bryce, Nick Rewoldt, Richie McCaw and David Attenborough. Tough guys, researchers, mentors, community leaders, funny guys, inspirational winners.

Andrew will tell you that he’s not one of those guys but he does share some of their qualities. It has taken 27 years in the work force, including 15 years self-employed, to realise his core commercial strength is business planning and execution. Ok, he’s never been an elite athlete, discovered anything or inspired a generation. But he’s never been a plodder and has built a stand-up career covering professional services, international manufacturing, heavy industry and agriculture.

Formally, Andrew has a Business Degree, an MBA and is Certified Practicing Accountant.  More importantly though, Andrew understands running businesses and that, to kick goals and score wins, you have to push through the challenges.  Further, that some business operators need to be coached about their purpose, their motivation, and their strategy. Andrew’s is a problem solver who gets to heart of issues very quickly by asking the often-difficult questions. His direct and insightful coaching approach is about challenging you and your business to create improved focus and more rewarding outcomes.

Andrew runs The Outback School of Business, a unique business planning division of Power2. This is an authentic and thorough strategy planning and execution program for self-employed business owners.  To build and follow a serious road map to financial and personal success, go to

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Dan Hay

Dan has been with Power2 since 2011 and manages the day-to-day operations of the firm. He looks after the affairs of business clients ranging from accounting and tax compliance through to finance applications, budgeting and business planning. Dan has an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience but never pretends to know everything, which is refreshing in an era of over-confident, inexperienced, yuppies who over-promise and under-deliver.

Dan comes from a family of small business people, across various trades and professions, so he know the mindset of self-employed business owners. Dan has personally bought, merged, expanded and systemised four businesses in his career.

Dan’s wife, Kayte, is a Registered Nurse and they have two energetic children.

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Sarah Davies

Sarah has the best of both worlds: a great career helping people to meet their financial goals; and a wonderful family. But she couldn’t do it all without the help of her husband who is a stay-at-home dad to their two boys.

Sarah is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® and a professional member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia. She is registered with the Tax Practitioners Board as a Tax (Financial) Adviser No. 24792478.

Her formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and a Diploma of Financial Planning. She has specialist accreditations in Self-Managed Superannuation Funds, Margin Lending and ASX/Listed Securities. Sarah is also a Justice of the Peace (Qual).

Sarah has been in the financial planning industry for more than 20 years, having started in Mackay as a trainee for a boutique financial planning firm that specialised in high net wealth clients and self-managed superannuation funds. Before joining Power2 in 2014, Sarah spent three years as Senior Adviser for large dealer groups in Melbourne. At Power2, Sarah heads up the self-managed superannuation and advisory divisions, including insurance, investments and financial planning. Sarah became a partner in Power2 in early 2016.

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Gary Parsons

We welcomed Gary to the Power2 team in 2014. He manages the tax and business affairs of individuals and small business clients, ranging across the full spectrum of occupations and business industries. He is a Certified Practising Accountant and one of the more IT savvy in the Power2 team.

Gary controls the development of our procedures as technology and Tax Office requirements change over time. He is one of the few accountants who can write well. He can translate complex matters into everyday language and is an excellent researcher of tax, business structuring and asset protection strategies. He has been personally involved in the acquisition and systemisation of three businesses in his career to date.

Gary and his partner have a 1-year-old daughter who is nothing short of adorable.

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Why Choose Power2

We understand that choosing an accountant that is right for your business is often hard for smaller businesses based in the industrial areas. Most accountants want a big flash office in the CBD.

Power2 understands you and understands your needs. Here are a few reasons why we think you should pick us:

  • We like new technology and are always using new technology or making revisisions to old software.
  • We use apps that help business people save time and money on book keeping.
  • We help with new apps that help people manage the operations within their business NOT just the accounting stuff.
  • We don’t pretend we know everything.
  • Quick turnaround times – we get work done a lot quicker than most. We outsource the back end stuff so we can focus on you and your needs. We have a strong focus on internal processing systems.
  • We will be upfront and honest with you. We aren’t going to dance around the truth if somethings wrong.

  • We don’t chase high net worth clients and we don’t favour any of our clients over others.
  • We don’t waste money on fancy CBD offices and fish tanks in the foyer.
  • We understand that a fair portion of our work is compliance with the ATO which can be stressful for a lot of business people.
  • We have an excellent relationship with the ATO because our lodgement stats are excellent.
  • Our audit history is excellent, in fact none of our clients are in or waiting to go to jail.
  • In 2019 we take marketing serious. We invest in sales to grow our business and grow with you. We are proud to say that, unlike the big time accounting firm who act like they don’t need new clients.

Our Mission

To be a successful growing business that does the rewarding work of helping people make good financial decisions every day.


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