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Looking for something unique to give your business that extra push? Tired of the same boring articles and training for business strategy and planning? At Power2 we have an affiliated business called “The Outback School of Business”

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Many business people have used consultants, business coaches, growth planners and all sorts of specialists with impressive sounding titles. And the reality is most of these advisory types are good facilitators and offer good advice. But many business plans simply fail to launch. The execution part just doesn’t get off the ground. We can’t always blame the consultant. So what are the missing ingredients?


At the Outback School of Business we think that long drawn out strategic planning programs use up a large portion of the energy that is required to actually execute the plan. A series of say 6 strategic planning meetings of a few months is just too slow and draining. It gets to the point where the mere completion of the strategic plan becomes the goal. And by the time it’s completed your team is so relieved it’s over that there’s insufficient fuel in the tank to implement anything.


The other flaw in the typically drawn out strategic planning process is that meeting number 2 recaps on meeting 1. And meeting 3 recaps on meeting 2 and so on. And then someone takes annual leave and misses a meeting or someone resigns and you’re back to where you started. Our programs are designed to build your business plan over three days in an environment that actually energises you. An environment where the normal daily distractions of life and business are removed to enable genuine focus. Instead of trying to squeeze strategy sessions into a normal day we take you away from that and into a far more productive head space.


So if you’ve tried business planning but failed to launch then maybe we can help. At the Outback School of Business we give you the head-space to build more creative and action driven business plans in less time. Call us for a chat or to line up a meeting if you would like to know more about our programs.

Face Behind the Service

The Outback School of Business is run by our very own director Andrew Poots.

Whatever advice or service you are looking for to fit your business, give Andrew a call today.